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Fluo Shoes Light Up Review

So, I found this brand (@Fluoshoes, or fluo shoes) on Instagram, and I fell in love.

Then I bought their shoes and they are so amazing! (they are $119, and then they have high tops too that are for $139 but I am too short for that, any kind of of boots make me look way too small haha)

You can change the lights to different colors or use their bursting mode. You can also turn them off which is super convenient, for example, I turned them on at school and then they asked me to either take them off and I am so glad that I had the chance to turn them off, otherwise it´d have been way too weird to have no shoes at school.

They come with seven lights and my favorite as you can see is the green lights! Their blue is also awesome and definitely my second favorite.

I may be going to coachella this year (only if I get tickets and hotel, which will be way too hard in my budget haha), but if I go, I am definitely taking them with me! And now with the Damn Daniel fever, they are basically a level up of white vans.

They just go great with my style. And their customer service has been great, they shipped them with DHL and they only took 4-5 days. Super quick.

I just hope they sell new things with led lights. Light up Shirts or hats would be awesome haha, I just love my shoes too much, sorry if sometimes that´s the only thing I keep reblogging.

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