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Stòffa – Man in the Garden Editorial 

The concept of Stòffa is simple and spot on – to produce quality, timeless garments with sleek design and utmost quality. With Agyesh Madan at its helm, one could not expect nothing short of perfection. A Parson’s graduate and former product developer at Isaia, chances are you’ve run across one of the many streetstyle pictures of Madan sporting impeccable attires at any given day.

The concept behind the brand is quite interesting since besides their e-commerce boutique, the brand is only present at periodical trunk shows where they receive orders for their made-to-measure garments. Everything is custom made, meaning you can choose from a variety of materials and details for each of their exclusive designs which include luxurious leather jackets, pants, scarves and hats. 

Stoffa’s sand suede biker jacket has been on my radar for some time now, making sigh every time I come across one of the amazing compositions the brand posts on its website or Instagram account. It’s likely one of my upcoming purchases. 

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